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We specialize in web applications development. We have many years of experience with projects for both corporate and governmental clients. Each solution is tailored to fit the needs of the specific client by using modern but proven technologies with a focus on the quality and sustainability of the code.


Custom Software Development

We provide custom web application development, from the initial study of new or existing solutions, through implementation to testing, deployment, and subsequent service.

Development Teams

For your projects, we offer the outsourcing of a team of experienced and well-coordinated developers. The team is always adjusted to fit the specific need of the project and can be purely backend or frontend oriented.

Prototyping and Consulting

We provide consultations of existing solutions (architecture, testing, deployment, performance etc.) as well as analysis of new solutions, we can help set up processes, and of course we provide development of functional prototypes.


We build all projects with modern but proven technologies that are standard of today’s (web) application development

• we use primarily Java and JavaScript, its modern variant TypeScript
• we are used to agile project management using SCRUM or KANBAN but even WATERFALL is OK
• to support project management we use mainly tools from AtlassianJira a Confluence
• our source codes are in Git and it’s repository GitLab
• dependency management and packaging is done using Maven for backend and NPM for frontend
• backend is developed in Spring Boot framework but we are also experienced with EJB or Google Guice
• as data storage, we use Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL
• database schema versioning is done using LiquiBase or FlyWay
• the web frontend is primarily done in Angular7, eventually Apache Wicket but we also did JSF for quite some time
• our code is covered by tests on multiple layers, the backend is tested using JUnit, PowerMock, Spring Test or JBehave, frontend using Protractor, Jasmine, Karma, Wicket Test, JSFUnit and Selenium for end-to-end testing
• code quality is assured by code-review of each change and code analysis using SonarQube, CheckSyle, PMD, FindBugs
• the environments is created and maintained by Ansible
• builds, tests, automatic deployment, and CI is run on Jenkins
• and of course, applications are delivered in Docker containers


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